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About Us

Xagau.com is a Bitcoin exchange. Xagau.com was formed in 2011, it was formerly known as XBtc.ca. In 2016, it was merged with Xagau.com and run under that name brand. The exchange was conceptualized 2012. The code base and core processes of the exchange were developed throughout the latter half of 2012 and soft-launched in 2013. We intend on beginning commercial operation sometime in 2014 or 2015.

The exchange offers an implementation of private currency exchange platform. Our exchange is designed and targeted at the Canadian market.

Our goal is to facilitate trades between Canadian Dollars and Bitcoins in the local Canadian market.

Our service is presently being operated on a service only basis to registered MSBs in Canada.

How to Fund Your Account

Register an account.

Provide proof that you are a registered MSB in Canada. For MSBs in other countries additional paperwork or information will be required before activation.

You may fund your account by depositing the Bitcoin (BTC) directly to the address in your account.

Note: We no longer allow the funding of accounts by bank cash deposit method.

Account Requirements

All transactions, account operations, and requests are processed on a best effort basis according to FINTRAC regulations regarding AML.

Accounts with aggregate deposits or withdrawals held on account worth more than 2500 CAD must have their accounts verified before further withdrawals or cash deposits may proceed.

VTM Fee Structure

Buy BTCFeeProcessing Time
BTCMARKET + Client Defined PercentageInstant
Sell BTCFeeProcessing Time
CashMARKET - Client Defined PercentageInstant

Deposit Fee Structure

Deposit TypeFeeProcessing Time
GoldEarn Up to 5% ExtraInstant

How to Withdrawal Money

We currently offer to several ways to withdrawal funds.

All Bitcoin withdrawals under the withdrawal threshold amount and quantity are processed automatically.

Redemption Fee Structure

Withdrawal TypeFeeProcessing Time
Cash2% Handling FeeSize and Liquidity Dependant
BTCMARKETInstant to ~1 Business Day

Other Fees

After the promotional period ends, fees are calculated at either a fixed rate or a percentage rate, whichever is higher.

Fee TypeFeeProcessing Time
Market OrderFreeInstant
Limit OrderFreeInstant
Reset 2FAFreeOn Demand
Zero TradeFreeOn Demand
MaintenanceBy AssessmentOn Assessment
ComplianceBy AssessmentOn Assessment

How to Verify (C2C) Online

Send an email to https://www.louiibtc.com/ with the subject line "VTM Candidate" for more details with the following information:

  • Requirement 1: A copy of your articles of incorporation.
  • Requirement 2: A copy of your MSB registration.
  • Requirement 3: Proof you are legally allowed to provide services as an MSB. (We do not accept expired MSB registrations)
  • Requirement 4: A colour, high resolution copy of 1 valid piece of government issued photo ID. All edges must be clearly defined and uncropped.
  • Requirement 5: A colour, high resolution picture of you holding the government issued photo ID presented in requirement 1. All of your face and ID must be clearly visible.
  • Requirement 6: 1 official document (utility bill, bank bill, tax letter) showing your home address. Your document must be less than 3 months old.
  • Requirement 7: ID must not be expired. Your ID must have at least 6 months until expiry.
  • Requirement 8: Provide a contact phone number where you can be reached at.
  • Requirement 9: Contracts: Mutual NDA, idemnity agreement, and service contract.

Note: All requirements must be satisfied to obtain a verified status

Contact Us

You may contact us by contacting us online. Please visit https://www.louiibtc.com/.