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Exchange Status

Status Update: 2019-09-25

Xagau.com has ceased all direct retail operations. We now only offer corporate accounts.

Status Update: 2016-03-30

Latest version of the exchange has added several important features. Trading is being enabled systematically, in phases and according to risk. The ability to send Bitcoin via traditional email has been enabled.

Status Update: 2015-04-17

Version 0.275 has been released and it much more stable than previous builds. We're now closing in on an official launch of the service.

We have made significant changes to our terms of service.

Status Update: 2015-01-22

System availability intermittent over the last couple of days as we migrated the underlying system to a much more scalable architecture. Code base was further optimized and a Hot wallet was introduced to the system. Hot wallet capability will be enabled in phases.

Status Update: 2014-11-17

2FA enabled and enforced on web client. L & F migrated to Twitter bootstrap. Upgrades to offline key-ring pooling. Several security flaws have been fixed. Automated AML analysis and recognition engine is being developed. General improvements. New financial relationships are being developed and progress is being made.

Status Update: 2014-07-31

Robot trading has resumed on a "managed" basis. Work is presently being done to establish a new trust agreement with a third party financial entity. Xbtc is expanding the subsystems to permit arbitrage with other larger exchanges.

Status Update: 2014-05-27

Banking relationship with a large Toronto bank has been terminated at the request of the bank. Until a new relationship with a different financial institution can be established, all CAD bank deposits and all cheque withdrawal requests must be queued. Queue processing times are not available yet. You may still deposit cash at our local Toronto branch. In person cash withdrawals are being processed as cash is available on a FIFO basis. All Bitcoin balances on the exchange are 100% allocated and Bitcoin deposits / withdrawals are unaffected by the organizational issue. Proceed with Bitcoin transactions withdrawal/deposit/trade as normal.

Status Update: 2014-04-08

We have tested our server(s) and we are not affected by the Heartbleed bug in OpenSLL, therefor at this time users are not required to take any action. The current build, 0.266, is now more secure against MITM attacks.

Status Update: 2014-03-20

Light Test trading will begin with current version, 0.264.

Status Update: 2014-03-20

We are launching an important, multi-currency build - version 0.263. During the initial testing the exchange will not be operational. We expect this change to take ~1 hour.

Status Update: 2014-03-10

We have fixed the memory leak from the system. In addition, we made changes to our key ring. Users are advised to use the latest public wallet addresses. Coins sent to old addresses are still recoverable, however we may need to manually recover coins sent to those addresses. As we move our system towards a multi-currency platform we have had to make some system optimizations. One of them involved shrinking the size of our key ring. In addition we have also moved all creation and management of private keys off line; this better protects our users from the possibility of hackers gaining access to user coins.

Status Update: 2014-03-04

On going. We have identified a memory leak in one of the modules. Over the last several nights our system experienced downtime. We are working to resolve this issue. This issue does not affect the system during regular hours as the memory leak takes several hours to accumulate.

Status Update: 2014-02-11

We have determined that the exchange experienced 3 to 4 problems simultaneously. Firstly, during the initial crash on Friday night our exchange lost all connections to network peers. In addition, a bug in the exchange software prevented users from using limit orders to execute trades. We have since fixed the found bug. Users are requested to contact [email protected] with bug reports if they experience any unusual or unexpected functionality in the exchange software. All limit orders had to be purged from the system. Users are reminded that limit orders may be cleared from the book from time to time. In an effort to improve the reliability and capabilities of the exchange we have added additional safeguards to the exchange software and environment in release 0.261.